Assessment Procedures

  Assessments:  The purpose of assessments (tests/quizzes) is to show what has been learned within a given time frame.  At times your child may be tested on several different subjects within a week’s time.      For reading and math, as long as the students are completing and understanding homework each night, participating in class, and completing & correcting classwork, there is not the need for “traditional” studying.  However, if you feel your child is in need of additional practice, please feel free to contact me.  Reading response number five is an excellent way for your child to prepare for an upcoming reading assessment.  While reading thirty minutes each night, your child may complete the same chart that is being used during reading workshop at the current time.

For integrated studies, please note that ample notice is given to students so they can prepare as necessary to study for the assessment.  Also, each student will write a notice in their planner at least one week before an integrated studies assessment stating when the assessment will be given.  Finally, a study guide will be provided two days prior to integrated studies assessments.